RATING 4Tic Tacs

#120 – Berries

June 4, 2019 — 0


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday!! The 120th variety added to the Tic Tac collection: Berries. This elusive pack comes to us from Australia, sent by my friend Trist Ethan Curless who found them while on tour with his little singing group The Manhattan Transfer. I had seen this variety for a while online but could only buy them by the case. Thanks for thinking of me, Trist!

This flavor mix contains raspberry & blueberry, and the combination is very refreshing. Both flavors taste fairly typical of artificial flavoring. The raspberry does have a “darker” flavor, something a bit deeper than the brighter “blue raspberry” that candies often use. The blueberry could taste of bit more realistic or at least get to that realistic taste a bit sooner. It comes right at the end of the candy and you’re finally like, “Oh, okay it’s blueberry.” The taste lingers for a bit in your throat and it sort of coats the mouth.

I imagine these are fairly common in Australia, so if you’re there I’d recommend picking up a pack, they’re pretty tasty!

Rating: 4/5

Printed CandiesRATING 4Tic Tacs

#118 – Around The World

February 5, 2019 — 0


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday!! The 118th variety added to the Tic Tac collection: Around The World. This pack comes to us from Croatia, but through our source in Slovenia. At first glance, it might appear to be just another fruit-flavored mix, like Fruit Adventure or Emotions or Sorpredente, but we have an unprecedented SIX flavors in this mix and they’re all really tasty.

The first thing you might notice is that if you put these three packs together, it forms a world map on the labels. I could see them selling these three as a set in airports. Each candy has an icon printed on it, representing a different world culture: horseshoe (US??), djembe drum (Africa), kangaroo (Australia), parthenon (Greece), maracas (Mexico), and pagoda (Asia). I’m just guessing on the cultures there. They aren’t consistently printed on each flavor, meaning each candy has a random icon. They aren’t tied together icon+flavor.

The fruit flavors are very good and represent, in my opinion, the best and most natural of the fruit flavors Tic Tacs makes. I’m happy any time a mix includes cranberry, since it’s not yet been made available on its own. I really dig that flavor and I’m hoping maybe some Autumn/Thanksgiving they release it alone. There is also a disclaimer written on the back, in Croatian, that says you must listen to Draft Punk while eating these candies. Hey, it’s not my rule.

If you’re looking for a nice all-around fruit mix, Around The World is your destination for yummy.

Rating: 4/5


RATING 4Tic Tacs

#117 – Intenser

January 22, 2019 — 2


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday!! The 117th variety added to the Tic Tac collection: Intenser. It’s not just intense, it’s INTENSER! I’ll be honest, I had to look up to see if intenser was actually a word, and it is indeed a comparative adjective. These yummy little minty bits come to me from India.

Intenser is actually a mix of Mild Mint (light green) and Aromatic Mint (dark green). I’m not tasting much difference between this mix and many of the other mint releases from Tic Tac in the past. Both flavors are definitely intense and, dare I say, intenser than before. If you’re looking for some fresh breath and an icy-cold mouth, this is the mix for you.

Rating: 4/5

RATING 4Tic Tacs

#116 – Banana & Tangerine

December 11, 2018 — 0


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday!! The 116th variety added to the Tic Tac collection: Banana & Tangerine. These tiny little packs come to us all the way from India (manufactured in Pune). Weighing in at only 9.7g per pack, they are certainly the smallest ones I’ve seen, aside from those super-mini 3.9 gram ones that you can get in a giant “Spender” box at Airport Duty Free shops.

The label mentions the possibility of winning “Great Music Prizes” but there is no explanation anywhere of how to do so. I assume these were in a larger package that included the info? Maybe? The backwards 16th-notes on the label bother me, I’ll just say that. Also, what is up with the random square with the green dot in the center? What is that for?

As far as flavor goes, these are pretty tasty. Both flavors include real powdered fruit juice, so that’s nice. The banana flavor is rather overpowering but it tastes like your standard Banana Runts. The tangerine flavor is really delicious. If you are hooked on the Orange packs, such as myself, this flavor offers a yummy alternative that doesn’t disappoint.

Rating: 4/5

Printed CandiesRATING 4Tic Tacs

#115 – Día de Muertos Menta Intensa

December 5, 2018 — 0


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday (but this time on a Wednesday)! The 115th variety added to the Tic Tac collection: Día de Muertos Menta Intensa. These specially-branded packs, sold only in Mexico as a limited edition during the month of October, were rather difficult to track down. I had a couple different people in Mexico searching and finally was able to actually procure them from someone in Texas (no doubt smuggled across the border, much to our president’s chagrin…but I digress).

Many of these candies have little skull faces printed on them, which is a common theme on Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). Not every candy in the pack has the printing, which seems weird. The mint flavor and color are pretty much identical to Arctic Rush. It’s a powerfully strong mint flavor but still with that anise hit at the front, similar to the classic Freshmint (white). If you can’t find these, just get some Mint Evolution, which are available at Walgreen’s fairly widely in the US. Pretty much the same thing.

Rating: 4/5

RATING 4Tic Tacs

#110 – Erbe Alpine e Miele

July 31, 2018 — 0


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday! The 110th variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: Erbe Alpine e Miele (Alpine Herbs & Honey). This pack came to me from my new Tic Tac buddy from California, Ike Estacion. We’re trading some flavors that the other doesn’t have. This is a flavor that comes from Tic Tac’s home, Italy.

I really like these and wish that they would sell more “herbal” flavors here in the US (other than just mint). I don’t exactly know what kind of herb flavor they used, it only says “aromi” in the ingredients, but it’s definitely nice and not too strong or overwhelming. The honey flavor is excellent but a little too light for my taste, I want more! They use real “honey powder” in these, and it shows. I could even see a pure honey flavor (not mixed with herbs) being really yummy.

Rating: 4/5

RATING 4Tic Tacs

#109 – Lime & Mint Party

July 17, 2018 — 0


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday! The 109th variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: Lime & Mint Party. It’s a party all the way from Malaysia (but made in Pune, India). This is one tasty combination, similar to the Mint Mojito we saw a couple years ago from Australia. The mint candies are Spearmint, one of my favorite Tic Tac flavors and definitely the best mint flavor they have. The lime candies are made with lime & lemon juice powder and has quite a sour bite to it. The combination is very pleasant and I could eat a lot of these.

This combination features the beautiful artificial dye “Brilliant Blue FCF” which can color your poop blue if you eat enough of it. YAY! NOW, it’s a party! It appears both the artificial colors in these candies (the other being Tartrazine) could trigger an allergic reaction in people with asthma. Not-so-yay 🙁

Rating: 4/5

Printed CandiesRATING 4Tic Tacs

#105 – Emotions Edition 2018

March 27, 2018 — 0


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday! The 105th variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: Emotions Edition. These come all the way from Slovenia. They feature cool little “emotions” (and some hands?) printed on each candy.

These are very similar to 2017 Emotions Edition from Slovenia and the 2016 m00d flavor from Italy. The difference here is the flavors. The previous versions had faces printed on the basic Fruit Adventure mix, but now we’ve got something really interesting. The flavors in this new mix are: Cranberry (red), Mango Guava (yellow), Blueberry (purple), and Lemon (white).

I’ve still not found cranberry on its own, just in this and one other mix (see Merry Elf Mix). I saw a post online that London Drugs in Canada actually sold packs of just the one flavor. Sadly, I have not been able to find them. It’s a great flavor, just a bit tart and very tasty. Mango guava is another elusive flavor on its own. I only found it previously in a mix with Mint Guarana (which was awesome). Mango guava just tastes like Mango to me, but I’m not sure what guava really tastes like. Blueberry is very good and pretty realistic, much the same as in the Simpsons: Marge flavor. Lemon is white here, to distinguish it from mango, I suppose. The taste isn’t great, however. It reminds me of how Lemon Pledge smells. Sort of chemical lemon. Not the best. I really wanted to rate this mix a 3/5, but I gave it an extra point for having cranberry and mango guava in it. Gives it something a bit special.


RATING 4Tic Tacs

#103 – MIXERS: Strawberry->Banana

January 1, 2018 — 0


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday on a Monday…Florida Edition! The 103rd variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: MIXERS Strawberry->Banana. I found these at a Publix store in Winter Garden, FL. I hadn’t seen anything online about this flavor coming, so it was pretty surprising to find.

Generally, I like the Strawberry & Banana flavor combination, but I know some people really don’t like banana. So if you’re one of those weirdos, this would not be for you. The MIXERS line is pretty cool, each individual candy changes from one flavor to another rather than a mixture of two flavors of candies. I think the package colors here are too similar to the Peach->Lemonade flavor, which is why I almost didn’t notice them at the store.

These use dried strawberry, dried banana, and beet powder (for color), so that’s really nice. Even though the flavor does change to banana, the strawberry flavor is really dominant and the banana is quite subtle. I do prefer these over the MIXERS Peach->Lemonade, but nothing beats Cherry->Cola in that flavor line.

Rating: 4/5

RATING 4Tic Tacs

#101 – Merry Elf Mix

November 7, 2017 — 1


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday! The 101st variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: Merry Elf Mix. I actually found these at 7-Eleven near my house, and this is why it’s good to sometimes treat your kids to Slurpees. I never find any new Tic Tacs at 7-Eleven, so this is pretty cool and unexpected. They usually only have Freshmint and Orange (yawn).

At first glance, this is just a seasonal mix they keep churning out. But take a look at what flavors are included, you’ll see something new: Cranberry. They have not released a cranberry flavor in the US, so this is a first. It’s a reallllly tasty flavor and I wish they would release it on its own. It’s not too tart and has a good authentic cranberry flavor. The color of the cranberry candies are a bit more orange than deep red. I don’t care for the artificial and chemical taste of the “white lime” (uh what is that?) and green apple. Plus, the mix of those three flavors makes no sense, except for the colors.

Honorable mention for the week: Thanks for Tara Kellerman and Becky Ellis for sending me Tic Tacs they found in their travels. While they’re not new to my collection, I still appreciate you thinking of me! You rock!


RATING 4Tic Tacs

#99 – Breeze: Cranberry

September 5, 2017 — 0


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday! The 99th variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: Breeze – Cranberry. Just like the previous flavor of Breeze: Lemon Balm, these little beauties are from the UK. The Breeze line is, sadly, not available in the US.

I really like the flavor of these candies, pretty realistic. The cranberry could be a bit more tart for my taste, but it’s not bad. They’re not overly sweet or chemical-tasting. Again we see three non-sugar natural sweeteners just like before: Xylitol, Sorbitol, and Stevia. I can feel the cooling effect of the sweeteners, which is nice in a candy mint.

I did bite one of them in half to search for the “crystallised herbs” (gotta pronounce that “h”) and actually could see little bits of green. I’m not sure what the herb is here, maybe mint? Either way…hey, free herbs!



RATING 4Tic Tacs

#98 – BREEZE: Lemon Balm

August 29, 2017 — 0


Heyhey, it’s #TicTacTuesday! The 98th variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: Breeze – Lemon Balm. These just came in from the UK and are the first extension to the Breeze line in a little while. There’s a lot going on in this little pack…

The first thing we have to discuss is this flavor, lemon balm. It’s pretty unusual here in the States. I’d hazard a guess that most people wouldn’t even know what it is. Lemon balm is an herb in the mint family. It has a lemony flavor but isn’t a citrus fruit. That totally comes across in the candies as there is no citric acid, so you don’t get that sour note. Just lemony goodness. There’s also a minty coolness that comes from the sweeteners used (they all are known to have a cooling effect as they melt).

Let’s talk a bit about these sweeteners: xylitol, sorbitol, and stevia. I’m happy they went with natural sweeteners over the artificial Sucralose, Ace K, and Nutrasweet. The back of the pack calls out the fact that it contains “Stevia Extract,” although stevia does only account for the least amount of the three sweeteners used. There is also a note that consuming too much of this product could cause a laxative effect (from the sweeteners). If you’re up for something interesting, Google “sugar free gummy bears effect” and you can read what happens when you eat too much sugar free candy.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the “Crystallized Herbs” listed on the pack. That’s a new one to me. The ingredients lists: herb extracts, lemon balm extract, and lemon essential oil. Interesting that they had to jazz up the mellow lemon balm flavor by adding lemon oil. I’m curious what “herb extracts” are used but apparently they crystallized them. All in all, a really refreshing and pleasant flavor (or flavour if you’re outside of the US). I wish the Breeze line would come to the US.



RATING 4Tic Tacs

#88 – Apple Pie

November 10, 2016 — 0


applepieThe 88th variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: Apple Pie. These only appear to come in the larger “100 Pack” and are a bit scarce in the US right now. They’re being released for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season (as indicated by the “Stocking Stuffer Size” on the label), so their distribution might pick up over the next few weeks.

The color of these are a bit unusual and unique for Tic Tacs: brown. There’s a *bit* of red in the brown so they could appear to be dark orange depending on the lighting. I keep thinking these are pumpkin spice because of the color. Based on color alone, you could also imagine these being chocolate flavored.

The flavor is subtle, which is welcomed after some of the harsh over-flavored varieties like Green Apple. While it’s not advertised as such, these taste like they should be in the Tic Tac “Mixers” line. They start out with a light red apple flavor, then over time that morphs into a really light cinnamon flavor. You don’t get the warmth of apple pie spice though. In the second flavor, there’s a *very slight* hint of butter, which might come from the Tic Tac popcorn flavoring but without the bitterness. The ingredients do include “Dried Red Apple,” which is pretty cool.


Printed CandiesRATING 4Tic Tacs

#86 – The Simpsons: Bart (Bubblegum)

October 11, 2016 — 0



The 86th variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios comes to us from Poland: Bart Simpson (bubblegum). These taste just like little bits of Bazooka gum, I keep wanting to chew and chew them but it doesn’t work that way. They have little Bart faces printed on each candy too. One more Simpsons variety next week!


RATING 4Tic Tacs

#80 – Raw Mango

May 4, 2016 — 0



Heyheyhey, the 80th variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios comes to us from India: Raw Mango. These have a slightly different and more realistic taste than the previous mango variety I’ve had from Malaysia. Forty mini-packs arrived in this cool jar. One year ago today, I posted the 49th variety, so that’s pretty cool.


RATING 4Tic Tacs

#79 – BREEZE: Erbe Alpine

April 26, 2016 — 0



The 79th variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios is from the “Tic Tac Breeze” line which aren’t sold in the US: Erbe Alpine (from Italy). The taste is more subtle than I expected, it’s more slightly-herbal-mint and less Ricola. Refreshing though.


RATING 4Tic Tacs

#68/69 – BREEZE: Tropical Coco and Apple Pleasure

January 29, 2016 — 0



More Tic Tacs!! The 68th & 69th varieties added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios are from the Breeze line which aren’t sold in the US: Tropical Coco and Apple Pleasure. Thanks to my friend Miguel Angel Santaella living in the Netherlands for sending them to me! I was skeptical because of the “sugarfree” marking on the label, but they have Xylitol and no sucralose/aspartame. They’re really good and the boxes open two different ways, very cool.


Printed CandiesRATING 4Tic Tacs

#63 – Sweet Mint

November 12, 2015 — 0



The 63rd variety added to the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: Sweet Mint from Austria. These taste pretty much like the standard Freshmint flavor but with a little less of an anise hit, and of course they have little snowmen & snowflakes printed on them.


RATING 4Tic Tacs

#56 – Israeli MIX

August 20, 2015 — 0



The 56th flavor in the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: Israeli MIX from Israel (duh). I have been trying to get my hands on a pack for a very long time. Thanks to both Beth Typlin Chiet and Elise Danielle for bringing them back for me at the same time HA! AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!!!


RATING 4Tic Tacs

#53 – Lemon (Dream of Mediterraneo)

June 30, 2015 — 0



The 53rd flavor in the Tic Tac collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: Lemon (Dream of Mediterraneo) from Slovenia. I don’t really like the weird chemical taste of these.

Me: I just had to modify my daily eBay search for “tic tac*” to be “tic tac* -minion -minions”. It’s insane. ALL MINIONS.
Michael Grimm: Yeah…insane that you had to modify your daily “tic tac” search on eBay.


RATING 4Tic Tacs

#51 – MIXERS: Peach->Lemonade

June 17, 2015 — 0



Our 51st flavor of Tic Tac in the collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: MIXERS Peach->Lemonade. These are a new line they’re doing of flavor-changing candies. There are two other Mixers varieties out there that I need to find (Cherry Cola and Melon Mojito). I found these at 7-11 of all places, they usually only carry Freshmint & Orange.


RATING 4Tic Tacs


February 3, 2015 — 0


Latest flavor of Tic Tac added to the collection at VOCOMOTION Studios: TORMENTA!!! “Siente el poder de la menta azul!!” Thanks to my man Alejandro Level in Venezuela for the new flavor that he found when touring in Columbia! They are basically the same as Powermint. We’re up to 45 types of Tic Tacs now.