My name is Freddie Feldman. I own an a cappella recording studio called VOCOMOTION Studios, in Skokie, IL. Back in 2012, I used to keep Tic Tacs on my console in the studio, Freshmint (white) and Orange. I also used to have a huge jar of gummy bears that I would keep for clients that came in. Periodically, clients would ask for some of the Tic Tacs instead of gummies and I started buying up new flavors I would find, so they could have more of a choice. Once I got to a handful of flavors, I started posting pics of the collection from the studio on Facebook. Recording clients from all over the world started sending me flavors from their home countries…and it just kept going!

In case you were wondering…it would cost roughly $3541.61 to fill a standard US bathtub with Tic Tacs. Yeah, I did the calculation.

DISCLAIMER: I have no official connection with Tic Tac or Ferrero brands.