#131 – X-FRESH: Cherry Menthol

July 7, 2020 — 0


HeyHey, it’s #TicTacTuesday (Pandemic Edition)!! The 131st variety added to the collection: X-FRESH Cherry Menthol. This is the first new pack I’ve been able to find since Feb 2020. It’s tough finding new flavors when you can’t go into stores, but I was able to get this one from my connection in Slovenia. I also assume there has been a slowdown of new flavors due to the pandemic. I’m getting a bit of whiplash from all these line names: FRESH+, X-FREEZE, X-FRESH. Figure it out, Ferrero, and pick one already! They’re all the same candies, just different names.

I’ll be upfront with you, I don’t usually like artificial cherry flavor in candy. When it comes to Starburst, I’m a strawberry guy. Got some Pixie Sticks? I’ll take an orange. Fun Dip? I’ll help myself to some blue raspberry, thanks. Cherry isn’t my thing. Mixing cherry with “menthol” totally sounds like a flavored cigarette to me. Bleh. So how does Cherry Menthol taste? Like cherry-flavored Cepacol. It’s just straight-up cough drops.

The X-FRESH line, just like the other FRESH/X lines, are all sugar-free. I definitely like that they’ve skipped the artificial sweeteners and went with a blend of Xylitol, Sorbitol, and Stevia. The blue/green coloring for the crystallized herbs inside is colored with Spirulina. This is only because these were released in Europe. It seems that candy released in the US goes all-in on the artificial flavors & colors and I just can’t stand it.

The packaging is quite nice. The pack itself is clear blue plastic where the edges/corners seem to light up and glow blue. I really dig how it looks. I haven’t seen any other packs in this color. The closest was Lemon (Dream of Mediterraneo) which was blue but darker and not nearly as cool.

If I did see these in a store, which I won’t because I live in the US and…coronavirus, I would have to pass.